For IT leaders to make the right decisions, they should be up to date on the trends on the market. And while there’s plenty of information on new developments available on social media, blogs, and podcasts, it can sometimes it can be challenging to grasp the full picture. For this, it’s useful to turn to broader reports on what’s happening in IT in general and its specific areas. And even if you have a good understanding of the market, it’s just so satisfying to read reports that prove you’re in the right place.

Here are some of the reports I follow and can recommend, in no particular order.

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

ThoughWorks Technology Radar is a global opinionated guide released by ThoughtWorks where they share their observations on both new and obsolete trends in IT. The report consists of four categories: Platform, Languages and Frameworks, Tools, and Techniques. For each category, there are items to assess, trial, adopt, and put on hold. The guide comes out twice per year.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Survey Report

CNCF Survey Report focuses on the usage of cloud-native technologies based on the community survey performed by CNCF. The report covers the usage of different cloud setups (private vs public vs hybrid), state of automation, usage of containers and Kubernetes, serverless, and various tools from the cloud-native landscape.

Accelerate’s State of DevOps Report

The State of DevOps Report was created by DORA, which stands for DevOps Research and Assessment. The report is based on surveying more than 30 000 responses over the course of six years. The report classifies the participants based on how quickly they can deploy software and looks into the key technological and cultural capabilities that support their pace. The last published report is available for 2019 and there hasn’t been a new publication in 2020. A comprehensive summary of the whole study is also available as a book Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

State of JS and State of CSS

The State of JS and State of CSS are two similar reports covering different aspects of frontend development: one covering everything related to JavaScript, and the other - CSS. They both mostly focus on the technological aspects of development, analyzing the most prominent frameworks, libraries, tools, and capabilities that exist in their areas. However, they also provide some insights into community aspects, such as surveying expressed opinions and analyzing learning resources.

The State of Developer Ecosystem by JetBrains

The State of Developer Ecosystems explores the languages and platforms used by developers. The report is published by JetBrains, the company behind popular IDE products, such as IntelliJ IDEA. It provides a bird’s eye view of the programming languages, platforms, tools, and project types of the respondents and provides a way to deep dive into a particular subject for more details.

Developer Survey by StackOverflow

The Developer Survey is a broad research conducted by StackOverflow. It provides insights into the demographics profiles of surveyed developers, their technological preferences, employment conditions, and the stack overflow community in general.

The Hacker News Hiring Trends reports illustrates the most popular programming languages, databases, and developer tools based on the activity in Hacker News

PopularitY of Programming Language (PYPL)

The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index is an analysis of popular programming languages based on how frequently people search for tutorials on Google.

Something I’ve missed?

I’m sure there are many other interesting reports available out there. If there is something you can recommend - please share the link and I’ll add it to the list.